National project (admission) and is practical guide for all aiming for undergraduate studies, colleges, graduate and postgraduate facilities and programs across the Republic of Moldova. Here you can also find information regarding finding abroad programs and opportunities to continue you education. We offer our teams’ possibilities and potentials for a efficient and profitable collaboration.

Based on a contract signed by the sides/partners, we will daily publish on the first page of our site, news or events that take place at your institution. This way, through the period of a year, we shall we’ll be able to offer the information fast and accurate to those interested in your institution’s activity and new offers and programs. Through participating in this project, your institution gains the credibility of the site’s users as an open and well-developed institution. Also you raise you prestige and will be in the top of the most known institutions at a national and international level. Our site, is present in all searching motors on the Internet. The princes are indicated below:

Publishing information about your institution and its offers for the year 2012 costs 350 EU per year. Noncommercial news is published for a whole year FREE of charge. Also FREE of charge we will place 160 x 80px banners at the wanted category.

We hope you find our offer interesting regarding creating some projects in the future.

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