Un grup de tineri din Polonia vrea sa deruleze proiecte de schimburi de
tineri. Mai multe despre organizatie (inclusiv datele de contact) in
mesajul de mai jos:

Looking for partners for a youth exchange!!!

Who we are and what we want to do with you?
A group of good friends who like to work and play together.We come from
Kielce. This is a town situated in the south of Poland, in the center of
hilly region, about 200.000 inhabitants. We’re looking for new experiences
and opportunities to meet interesting people and to enlarge our knowledge
about European Union and European Projects, especially Youth in Action

Topics we are interested the most are: intercultural learning, music,
gastronomy, popularization such important issues as tolerance, respect,
fighting against discrimination.

Partner countries we are looking for:
Norway, Iceland, Romania, Spain, but truly we’re waiting for any offers,
not really matters from which country:)

Dates: August
Languages we speak: English and French

Organization that support us:
Name of the organisation: Societas Matura
Contact person:Piotr Popiel
Postal address:ul. Spokojna 11
Postal code and town: 26-085 Miedziana Góra
Region and country:POLAND
Telephone number:+48 880 925 931
E-mail: piotrpopiel@ wp.pl
Description: We are group of young people who tries to show our local
community the opportunities which the European Union gives to youth. We
look for chances to make young people conscious about advantages of
multicultural European society by non-formal education and play.

Get in touch with us, if you want to think and make something creative!!!: )

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