O organizatie de tineret din Mussomeli – Sicilia (Italia) este in cautare de organizatii partenere din Bucuresti care sa gazduiasca voluntari in cadrul unui proiect in programul Amicus. Data limita pentru depunerea proiectului este: 30 aprilie 2009. Pentru cei interesati, adresa de contact este: arcistrauss@ arcistrauss.

Hello dear,
My name is anthony and I am writing you from Mussomeli – Sicily.

I am writing to you to have a help on searching some organizations.

We are looking for organization from the following cities: Wien – Brussels
– Copenhagen – Tallinn – Paris – Marseille – Lyon – Berlin – Munich –
Dublin – Rotterdam – – Lisbon – Prague- Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante –
Madrid – Stockholm- London – Manchester – Liverpool- Istanbul – Budapest –
Athens- Bucharest

My association, in fact, is going to apply a project in the frame of
Amicus programme and we are looking for organisations able to host
volunteers and with a certain experience in that (for example with EVS,
Leonardo programme ect.)

In the frame of Amicus each organisation will receive 450€ per volunteer
hosted and has to provide them food, accomodation and involve them in
their activities. For these reason we are searching for organization yet
involved in these kind of programmes. Each organisation has to sign an
agreement and send it to the coordinaator organisation. If you would like,
I can send you more information about it.

Could you please help us? I hope I do not disturb.

Please tell me
Best regards to all

IT109 – Mussomeli (CL)
Mario Messina
Piazzale Mongibello snc,
93014 Mussomeli (CL)
tel e fax: 0039 0934993971

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