O scoala din Italia este in cautare de parteneri pentru un proiect Comenius. Cei interesati sunt rugati sa ia legatura direct cu scolile implicate. Mai multe detalii gasiti in mesajul de mai jos:

Hallo dear colegues,

We are prepring Comenius project that will draw students’ attention to
discover the role of music as a vehicle of integration and communication.
Students will get to know other countries traditions and cultures by means
of local, popular and national music heritage, songs, rhymes and dances.
We want to use both music and dance as means to get students able to find
out their own identity and to communicate easily. The leading school is
from Italy, partners are from Bulgaria and Turkey. We need 1 more partner

If you are interested, please contact to the schools:

Italian school:
Giusy Zannelli
pamm026003@istruzio ne.it
giuzanne@libero. it
gabriellaagro@ tiscali.it

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